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At the UK Sepsis Trust, we recognise the scale and significance of the impact of severe sepsis on sufferers and their families.
Although many patients return to a normal life, those who survive the condition may experience longstanding physical effects, and some suffer from psychological difficulties resulting from their prolonged illness.

So this is the mantra of the UK Sepsis Trust and basic information for the public. What has this got to do with me? Well 5 years ago I nearly died of sepsis and this charity (more specifically, Dr Ron Daniels as the charity was only just an idea in Ron’s head) helped me through some of the darker days when I first came out of hospital in understanding alot of things.


The fact that sepsis kills more people than lung, breast and prostate cancer combined is quite astounding.

Coming to terms with PTSD -which I didn’t realise affected me- was another kick to the head and even today, after an awful lot of counselling, still affects me. I mentioned to someone once I suffered from PTSD and they immediately assumed I was ex forces. An easy mistake to make, but also goes to show how important awareness of sepsis is.



So this year I’m taking part in an event: Cycle for Sepsis. This is where teams from England, Scotland and Wales all converge onto London, riding over a number of days.

Departing Lincoln on 5 September, we will all be making stop offs on the way at hospitals raising awareness of sepsis. This culminates in us all arriving at Westminster and speaking to ministers at the Houses of Parliament where presentations and the latest innovations will be presented. This will also mark World Sepsis Day for the UK with other events happening globally throughout September.

The Lincoln Team is made up of two people. Myself and Jörg Walther. We are BOTH sepsis survivors so this is a massive deal for us both.

How can you help?…well, sponsor us. It’s that simple. Just click the button and donate! You can also join us at any of the stop points and ride six miles to show support for the sepsis six.

Our route will take us from Lincoln (County Hospital or Cathedral, tbc) to Peterborough
Peterborough (City Hospital) to Cambridge (Addenbrooke’s)
Cambridge to Stevenage (Listers)
Stevenage to Uxbridge
From Uxbridge we meet with all the other cyclists and ride en mass to Westminster

What is the sepsis six?…it’s a series of checks and measures, doctors should do within and hour of suspected sepsis to prevent a patient from dying. This has been proved to be so effective, it has already saved countless lives globally.
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