Paris Roubaix

A weekend riding Paris Roubaix and watching the pro race. Possibly one of the most exciting things any road cyclist could do. Steeped in history, the race goes back to 1896 and some of the cobbles (or pavé) date back to the Nepolionic wars whereas other sectors were built during The Great War so it seemed fitting to ride this infamous route on the centenary of WW1. There are plenty of write ups on Paris Roubaix so I’ll not bore you with more text but until you ride the pavé you will never really understand how tough, demanding and draining this is. Would I do it again?…You bet!

Paris Roubaix

The most famous sector of Paris Roubaix is The Arenberg Trench

Paris Roubaix portraits

 And finally some images from sector 13 of the Pro race.

Riding at speeds probably double of ours, with dust, cars, spectators, it’s full of atmosphere.

 Paris Roubaix sector 13

Paris Roubaix